All is Well

  It has been a long time (nearly 80 days) since I last posted. That’s because didn’t get enough time for it. I was too busy with learning C#, developing various types of C# projects and publishing them on my website. Apart from the projects, I had to brainstorm ideas for some articles as well. And my efforts have been successful. My projects and articles have been quite popular and have yielded better results than I expected. In short, these 80 days have been fruitful for me.

  Coming back to the point, I managed to write this post today because I managed to shave some time off my daily schedule. Currently, I don’t have any projects or articles on my mind nor do I want to think about any. I just want to relax a bit. Besides, I have already published two articles and one project this month. Therefore, I’m not in hurry to think about the next article or project.

  Several changes have occurred since my last post here. I have shut down my two experimental websites – Windows Code Bits for Beginners and Windows Code Bits Forum. WHY? I found that they were not worth the effort and trouble. Besides, I need to focus all my attention on Windows Code Bits. Apart from these changes, there are other important things as well. Manish restarted Just Coding in January. And with that, we have separated our ways. From now on, Manish will develop Turbo C++ projects and articles (his favourite) and some Visual C++ stuff. I will develop Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual Basic projects and various types of articles related to these topics. That’s a lot better than the earlier arrangement where everything was messed up. I wanted to work on anything but Turbo C++ while Manish liked nothing Turbo C++ – the perfect deadlock situation !!! Troublesome, wasn’t it? That’s why, this split occurred. Now, he’s happy doing his favourite stuff while I’m doing mine.

  Apart from Just Coding, there was one more change – Coding Humour. I have restarted my humourous website. However, right now it is less humourous and more pathetic. This is because I have not added enough content to it. It has less than 20 posts. So, to be frank, it doesn’t qualify for a great programming humour website. At least, not right now. I might fix that problem in a few months and have it up and running like it should.

  I have made some plans for my future projects. Also, I am planning to have a large open source project of my own. After the initial release, I will publish successive versions with bug fixes, feature additions, etc. Even though I’m not a professional programmer, I would like to act like one. At present, I’m enjoying my work a lot and if ask me what’s going on, I’ll just say – ALL IS WELL.

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