The Ultimate Boredom

  It’s the end of the year and lately, things have been extremely boring for me. Due to several unexpected reasons, my work is being disrupted. I can’t focus on my routine tasks let alone managing my website Windows Code Bits. I can’t find time to work on new projects, or write new articles. The whole month has been, contrary to my expectations, quite stagnant.

  Last month, I started working with JAVA and hoped to develop some cool programs by the end of the year. But recent events have shown that it won’t be an easy task since I have to work on some of my pending projects. On top of all this, the cold weather makes it even harder for me to have a walk on the roof at midnight talking to myself and planning the UI and functionality of my programs.

  In spite of all these troubles, there is still some hope that I would be able to spare some time for my pending JAVA projects and come up with some interesting before the end of 2015. Till then, I can only hope for the ultimate boredom to be over.

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