My Last Turbo C++ Project

  Yesterday I published my last Turbo C++ project to my website – Windows Code Bits. I decided to quit Turbo C++ programming because I was getting many mails telling me that Turbo C++ was obsolete and wasn’t used by programmers anymore. That’s true!!! Turbo C++ is really very old and even I found it strange that I stuck with it so long. Though I started using Visual Studio back in 2012, Turbo C++ remained as my main IDE until recently, after I started Windows Code Bits.

  From now on, I’ll publish only Visual C++ and Visual Basic projects. The Visual C++ projects will be from both the Win32 and the .NET category. I believe in providing useful and valuable content to my audience and since Turbo C++ projects weren’t helping my audience at all, I decided to stop Turbo C++ programming immediately. Later this year, I plan to start working on some Java and C# projects because I see that these two languages are quite popular at the present.

  My last Turbo C++ project was the Canvas of Picasso, as you may have seen if you checked the above link. It is a program based on drawing and painting. The user can draw any shape using the mouse. There are several available colours for the brush as well as the background. I decided to create this program because I wanted to give a joyous and colourful farewell to Turbo C++. I hope you’d like this project.

Canvas of Picasso

  In the end, I’d like to inform you that it should not be viewed as an end; you should view it as the beginning of a new era : Programming in C++ without Turbo, or rather Full-fledged Programming with Visual C++ (and Qt). Since I stopped using Turbo C++, I will now have the time to focus on my more serious and long-term projects. Very soon (and I hope you know what soon means for a programmer 😀 ), I will be publishing various projects concerning high-level programming in Windows, including Networking, email etc. I’m even looking forward to creating my own messenger application for Windows, very much like the Yahoo! Messenger, though I am quite unsure of its complexities (and costs).

  Anyway, I’d like to take a break, flush out all the memories of the ancient C-style programming and prepare myself to embrace the new and currently useful programming techniques and IDEs. Keep visiting Windows Code Bits for new and up-to-date content. 🙂

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