My Animated Projects

  Recently, I created several C++ projects which contained various types of animations. These projects were created, as usual, using the BGI library. I am soon going to quit Turbo C++ programming forever therefore I thought it would be better to make the farewell to Turbo C++ a bit colourful and animated. That’s why I came up with all these ideas.

  The first one of these projects is the Conical Waterfall. It contains several cones which keep sprouting newer cones, making it all appear like a good animated waterfall.

Conical Waterfall

  The second project is the Stylish Springs. It is a bit simple as compared to the Conical Waterfall. It contains five springs which coil and uncoil repeatedly.

Stylish Springs

  The last and the best project in this series is the Ultimate Animation Combo. It contains many different types of animations, which occur sequentially. Since it contains several types of animations, it would be more appropriate to view it on the original post.

I hope you’d like these projects as much as I did.

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